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Top 5 Dysfunctional Families On TV

Top 5 Dysfunctional families on TV

Shameless is back on DVD with their eighth series from 9th January 2012. The eighth series introduces us to a new family, The Powells, includes the 100th episode and takes us on Frank’s stag night!

To celebrate the release of Shameless, we have taken a look at how many other TV shows feature dysfunctional families, as well as Shameless does.

1 – The Gallaghers

I think it’s fair to say that the Gallaghers come in at Number 1 for the most dysfunctional family ever to be seen on screens.

With the professional drunk Frank heading up the family, the Gallaghers have no chance of normality. Frank is a man who has faked his own death several times, married a woman to get his hands on her benefits and then thinks its okay to sleep with her daughter – if Frank is the dad, imagine the kids.

2 – The Simpsons

The Simpsons are headed up by beer loving Homer who works in a nuclear power plant, a power plant that would rather make money than waste it on safety precautions. With Marge as the overbearing but responsible Mother, trying to single-handedly bring up two kids and a baby – who never makes a sound. This American family get themselves in so many scrapes it’s hard to keep up. Luckily with Marge’s influence, The Simpsons never stray too far from the track.

3- The Griffins (Family Guy)

Not only do The Griffins have a cynical dog – who is smarter than everyone else, they also have an evil baby who makes a fair few attempts to erase his mother from the family.  In charge of this eclectic family is Peter Griffin who despite being quite a sensitive soul at times is also an A-class moron, leading this family into total dysfunction.

4-  The Dingles (Emmerdale)

The Dingles are an outcast pig-farmer family that live in a rural country village, where morals are high and outsiders cause problems.  The father of the family, Zak Dingle, spends most of his time either doing nothing or scheming and scamming against others.

5-  Malcolm in the Middle

A dysfunctional family in which one of the children, Malcolm, seems to be the most responsible member of the family. With a neurotic mum who seems to hate her own children, but who can blame her when she has had to bring up three boy’s practically by herself while the Dad is always on the same side as the kids. Malcolm In The Middle is light hearted and entertaining and kind of makes you feel that your family is a little bit more normal.

To see more family dysfunction check out Shameless Series 8 which is released onto DVD from 9th January 2012 or visit