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Malcolm In The Middle Season 4

MIM4_3dAs you’ll remember if you’ve read my other reviews of Malcolm in the Middle season 1-3 I have been reminded reviewing these just how great this show is. And thankfully with season 4 there is no decline in the standard of writing and comedy. If anything this may well be my favourite season yet.


I’m going to say this season hits such a chord with me because I just identified with it so much. Be it the use of Malcolm’s friend’s father to scare away Lois’ mother only because he is black (shout out to racist Gran here) to the classic episode where Lois imagines what it would be like if her boys were girls. Coming from a family of three girls I am well away we are evil. Much more than a pack of four boys could ever be. As female Malcolm pointed out to Lois, we know how you think and we will use it against you. The introduction of a new youngest. Sure I may be the youngest child but damn you nieces and nephews for taking away being the youngest in the family. The season opens with Malcolm having been sulking all summer because he is a teenager and the world sucks (according to my mother I didn’t speak to her for a year when I was a teenager – personally I don’t remember this).


As with the other 3 seasons there are a plethora of familiar faces and whilst there are a few less in this season they are still there; Hayden Panettiere crops up as an impressive nemesis for Malcolm (along with some impressively frizzy hair) and the appearance of Christopher Llyod as Hal’s father cannot be faulted, mainly because I don’t think I could ever fault Christopher Llyod. If you’re a tv geek you will notice (mainly because I have just pointed it out) the appearance of a character in the episode Future Malcolm; it is the same guy from Friends who Phoebe talks out of killing himself. Same actor but the very subtle reveal is that he mentions his job selling toner.


I continue with Malcolm in the Middle to love Dewey, particularly his issues with dealing with the birth of the youngest child and his continued outsmarting of his older brothers. He is an evil mastermind and demonstrates this with his subtle manipulation of adults.


Whilst last season I found Hal and Lois and their relationship were the stars for me, it is Hal (Bryan Cranston) who is the outstanding feature of the entire show. He is just hilarious, every episode with Hal focus makes me laugh. I must however give props to the writing around Hal and Lois, faced with a fifth child and financial they somehow manage to portray real fears and anxiety with both comedy and real emotion. It was also nice to see this season a change in the relationships between Lois and Francis. The end of the season you’ll know what I am referring to.


I again am looking forward to season 5, know that season 4 will be something I watch again and again. I just hope the next season doesn’t begin a decline in the quality.

5 Stars



Lauren Cracknell