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VEEP Season 1 Review

veepVEEP is one of those gem American television series which creep in under the radar but potentially could be viewed as a work of genius that just doesn’t appeal to the mass audience.


What is VEEP? VEEP (and I thought it was just a silly name) is short hand for the Vice President of the United States. The show revolves around the VEEPs office with the fantastic Julia Louis-Drefus (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development) as the Vice President, Selina, and her team, Amy (Anna Chlumsky, who for those of a certain age will always be Vada Sultenfuss), Mike (Matt Walsh), Gary (the wonderful Tony Hale seemingly playing an ever so slightly more capable Buster Bluth) and Sue (Sufe Bradshaw).


My initial expectation of VEEP was that it would slot into the currently very popular format of shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation. However after watching the eight episode first season my preconceptions were proved inaccurate. I’d like to say VEEP is similar to Arrested Development but it’s not even that kind of show (although influences are evident). Due to its political setting I also wanted to compare it to The West Wing. And whilst you could view it as ‘The West Wing – what really happens back stage’, it’s not even that. It wasn’t until I realised that show is created by the same team which made The Thick of It and with writers from Peep Show and Alan Partridge it dawns on you that this is one of those niche, clever, British satirical comedies. But with Americans.


This I think is why I found VEEP so very confusing to start with. It is British. It is a rare example of British satirical humour not written and bastardised for an American audience but set and acted in an American environment with all those aspects that are great about British humour. There’s no sugar coating, no moral tale just foul mouthed language and (from the improv nature of the show) natural dialogue all set around what probably really happens in the world of American politics.


VEEP, I do believe, is the kind of show that will certainly not be to everyone’s taste. With shows like The Thick of It you either think it is comedy genius or it just leaves you cold. Which is what VEEP is likely to do. But if you are a fan of the creators you will love this. Season two has just started airing in the US and I will certainly be making an effort to watch it. Once i was over my confusion of what kind of beast it is I did feel I was watching something rare and it certainly warrants another viewing.


As a DVD set you get a great package. A show which has the depth and character to be viewed multiple times and an impressive host of extras which add to your value.

5 Stars



Lauren Cracknell