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Veronica Mars Review


Ok Marshmallows, I know you’ve been waiting for this as long as I have, and like several of you I’m also a proud member of the Veronica Mars The Movie Kickstarter campaign. And finally the wait is over! And she is back! Oh Veronica how I’ve missed you…

If you’ve never seen the TV show, it’s fine, you get a recap and fully updated from the start. The film picks up ten years after the abrupt ending to the series and Veronica is now a lawyer and still the little tough cookie we’ve always loved, she has tried to distance herself from her past life in Neptune. But the death of a former schoolmate involving her ex Logan, draws her back into her old lifestyle. We get the update on all our favorite characters from the show, a few familiar faces have been replaced and there’s a few in jokes about the kickstarter campaign, TMZ, Perez Hilton and Veronica’s always fun quick quips.

Kristen Bell slips back into the role of Veronica Mars character effortlessly. She’s just as peppy, strong and determined as ever, but being old there’s more depth brought to the character. You can tell she’s missed playing Veronica and is loving being back behind the lens and solving the crime. Enrico Colantoni is still the supportive Keith Mars. Veronica’s friends are now ‘grown ups’ and still there when she needs them, Mac and Wallace, until they drag her to a school reunion where so many faces from the three seasons of the show return. A new face in the Veronica Mars family is Gaby Hoffmann, who isn’t a child star anymore and fits in perfectly with the kooky Mars world. And Jerry O’Connell as Sheriff Dan Lamb, the brother of Sheriff Don Lamb. Keep an eye out for several cameos including Dax Shepard, Jamie Lee Curtis, Justin Long and James Franco… as James Franco.

Rob Thomas has breathed new life into his characters and written a great new addition to the series. The plot follows the show easily, it doesn’t feel forced, it picks up perfectly but can be watched as a stand alone film. Mixed with the musical score by original series composer Josh Kramon, its like stepping back in time nine years.

Veronica Mars has some of the most dedicated and loyal fans. We know the production history, the Kickstarter campaign hit its $2 million goal in less than 24 hours. It broke the record as the fastest project to reach $1million and then $2 million. Achiving the highest minimal pledge goal and the largest successful film project on kickstarter. The campaign ended with 91,585 donors raising $5.7 million. Well done Marshmallows!

Was it worth donating to the Kickstarter? Hell Yes! And its been worth the wait – a long wait at that. (Do we get a new series, possibly? Maybe? *fingers crossed*) The die hard Veronica Mars fans will love this, Rob Thomas has filled the film with Easter Eggs especially for the dedicated fans and there’s a chance new fans will come along for the ride and discover the series.

Why is this film important? Fans got the chance to have a larger investment and help create the film and only time will tell if this add to the history of the changing world of cinema.

5 Stars




Sian Richter