Posted April 26, 2014 by editor in Film Reviews

Blue Ruin Review


Blue Ruin picks up the story of Dwight, a vagrant whose life fell apart after the murder of his parents. The man sent to prison is about to be released and Dwight sets his eyes on getting even. But at what cost?

As far as revenge dramas go Blue Ruin is very direct with its intentions. The film feels like it should be longer and moodier with long spells of quiet and neon lit gloom. And whilst there are definitive elements of light and sound being used to great effect, Blue Ruin is almost the most simplistic revenge film conceived for a while.

The only tripping point is perhaps the lead characters assumption about what he is getting his revenge for and whom he takes it out on. This mere narrative hurdle aside it’s a clear case of “him or them” scenario and actor Macon Blair plays the part remarkably well. Dwight seems a very simplistic, quiet and at times nervous character – but Blair’s portrayal effortlessly exudes much more beneath the surface.

After a shave and a haircut he wanders through the film look like the lost child of David Hemmings and Peter Lorre. His “lost cause” look is tempered by his swift (if jittery) response to situations, and his innovative resolve to matters as they arise.

Blue Ruin is at time nail bitingly tense. It’s consistently engrossing, if sombre in its tone but it is also often hilarious.

4 Stars



Steven Hurst