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How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review

httydThe adventures of Hiccup and Toothless continue in this rather lavish looking sequel to the original hit film.

So it seems that Dragons are not only a part of everyday working life for the Vikings, but that every Viking his his/or her own dragon as a pet – as displayed by the opening bout of what we can only describe as Sheep Quiditch?

Hiccup though is too busy honing his skills of flight with his best friend Toothless. But he is also slowly mapping out the world around them. The power of flight gives them the ability to travel afar. But the further he explores the more open it seems they are to danger as well. And through this Hiccup discovers not only something very close to home, but also a deadly foe from his father’s past who threatens that very home.

Frankly – the animation is astounding. A real next level type of job done compared to the first film. The flight sequences are likely to knock the socks off any fan. The story itself is well judged – even if some of the Scottish accents are oddly judged (Yes you Cate Blanchett). In fact the only way you can really find fault in these films is in the choice of vocal artists. It isn’t made clear why Hiccup sounds so nasal and American compared to his heritage around him. But this is perhaps a decision made to give the films more of an appeal through name actors.

So long as you can accept that then the ride is well worth taking. This one works for big and the little kids. You’ll be hard pressed to find a moiré beautifully realised animated adventure that makes use of the land, sea and air quite so well – with creatures all great and small. But largely they are just great!

4 Stars



Steven Hurst