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Found Review

Found-Monster-Pictures-DVDFound is a disturbing coming of age story of a twelve year boy who on the face of things comes from a normal family with a pretty normal background? But all this is about to change when 12 year old Marty uncovers a dark secret about his older brother Steve that will change the course of his life.

Horror film and comic obsessed Marty will soon be entangled in his own horror story when a chance discovery in his brother’s closet reveals that his brother is a cold blooded killer. The confusion and fear that consumes Marty and the responsibility he feels for his brother, strips him of the innocence of childhood and throws him into a dark world that no young boy should ever be subjected to.

Found. Is a disturbing and shocking tale given that the story mainly revolves around a young child and his almost acceptance of the evil monster that his brother has become.

The performances from Gavin Brown as Marty, and Ethan Philbeck as his brother Steve are very realistic in their approach and encapsulates you in the story as it unfolds and manage to keep you there until its relentless shock ending.

Found. Certainly won’t be for everybody’s taste given its subject matter, but it’s very artistically portrayed and cleverly written so that it doesn’t come across as being shocking or sick for the sake of cheap thrills.

It’s a good viewpoint from another person’s perspective on a serial killer themed film and this works very well on the small screen.  With strong performances giving the film its power to draw you in and make you feel uncomfortable yet not repelling you to the point where you reject the film as sleazy.

For those who watch this and like the premise of the film, it’s worth noting that a spinoff of Found. Is also currently in production and looks set to be what future fans of this film will be dying to get their hands on!

4 Stars




Shane Meekings