Posted May 26, 2015 by editor in Film Reviews

Sword Of Vengeance Review


In the north of Normandy England, a lone warrior takes on ruling tyrants in a series of violent confrontations.

The title sounds like an RPG knockoff –but instead is a low budget sword and slash movie. It has a short release at theatres and then heads direct to disc after.

The film has to be applauded for a fairly relentless slew of action scenes. Budget constraints and choppy editing won’t get in the way of enthusiasts enjoyment of this one. Best served perhaps for cos-players and extreme Game of Thrones fans as it taps into the armour and swords violence.

It won’t carry much weight with the horror crowd though who see right through this type of fare. A lot of what you see on screen is fairly standard in terms of talent hired.  This won’t hurt anyone’s career – but these production (much like Hammer of the Gods before it) won’t get anyone noticed either.

Despite the filmmakers earnest goal to throw blood across the screen the choreography lacks a biting edge – simply because without CGI trickery they can’t afford the type of flesh meets steel consequence that requires a budget. You can also see the films budget in the way that the picture has been treated digitally after (to make it seem a bit less “Video” looking). It helps that there is mud everywhere, sure, but you need sets and expansive vistas for any of it to make much of an impact.

2 Stars




Steven Hurst