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Magic Mike XXL Review


This is a sequel that was warranted. The people were crying out for a follow up to Magic Mike. Where did the story go? What happened next? Did he become less magical? These are the questions that this necessary sequel aims to subdue, because we as a public demanded an answer.

The word pointless is thrown around a lot these days, but never so much could it be used to address the idea of a sequel to Magic Mike. Now, Magic Mike itself was something of a delight, a mild humour, a nice surprise. Alas, here were are, Channing Tatum and (some of) co. are back to take off their clothes again for a few more hours of enjoyment.

Now, this enjoyment is pitted on what you’re after. While Magic Mike brought some wit and endearment, Magic Mike XXL brings men taking off their clothes and not a lot more. They quickly rid themselves of their less attractive friend, go from seedy ladies den to unsatisfied divorcee, all the way to the stripper convention, which is apparently a thing.

The film fantastically hits the mark when it comes to bad things happening to good looking people – a shunned proposal, unheard callings, let me downs and start up businesses not running as smoothly as one would hope. Welcome to the real world guys, it’s not quite so magical here.

It must be said that Tatum is as charismatic as ever, commanding the screen when he’s there, but there’s not a whole lot else going on. A welcome addition to the team is Donald Glover, of Community fame, who also gets to show off his singing chops from his Childish Gambino efforts. Joe Manganiello making fun of Twilight, to which his True Blood efforts have been compared, was one of the better jokes.

But over all, Magic Mike XXL doesn’t quite bring the excess you might hope for. The final showdown turns out to be no more than a glamorous gross out, and you can’t help but wonder what the backlash would be if the genders were reversed for this picture.



2 Stars





Chris Droney