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City Hunter (1993) Blu-ray Review

Released on Eureka! is a popular Jackie Chan action comedy from Hong Kong from the 1990s, City Hunter (1993). It is based off a popular Manga story of the time with the same title written and illustrated Tsukasa Hojo and opens with some comic graphics highlighting the film’s source. Adapted for the screen and directed by very prolific director Wong Jing, the film will unlikely win any new fans for those are not already Jackie Chan fans.

The story is fairly straightforward and centers on girl chasing (and dreaming) Ryo Saeba (Chan) who is hired by a Japanese publishing magnate to track down his runaway daughter, Shizuko Imamura (played by Japanese singer Kumiko Goto). He is very meh about the job, until he sees a picture of her and then his all ears (and eyes). He is constantly under the watchful eye of his assistant, Carrie (Joey Wang). Ryo sees the job as an opportunity to get the gal. However, on board a luxury cruise ship he is sprung into action with fights with terrorists who hijack the ship and tries to stop them.

City Hunter does what it promises and of course Chan delivers the goods as he always has done. However, the film is one big cheese ball with some simply dreadful production values. It is hard to tell what is supposed to be funny and what is unintentionally funny. The ‘jokes’ are very thin with some dreadful example of slapstick beyond Chan’s adroit gymnastic abilities. It is also very episodic in its pace with a few naff musical numbers thrown in for good measure.

Presented as a 2K scanned restoration this is the first time it has been released on Blu-ray in the UK and I am sure will appeal to Jackie Chan fans. There are also plenty of extras on the disc including music outtakes (time for an eye roll) and plenty of vintage interviews, new and old with cast and crew.

Chris Hick

Chris Hick